1. Upon arrival at Mexico City Airport transport will not be provided, but you can find an official taxi to de DWB Center for around 15-20 USD. VERY IMPORTANT Uber and other digital transportation platforms are prohibited from picking up passengers at the airport. NEVER USE A TAXI DIRECTLY FROM THE STREET.
  2. The best exchange rates are in Terminal 1, and also there are many ATMs all around the city. Most formal businesses accept Visa and Master Card, but street vendors only accept cash.
  3. DWB Center Address: Prol. Manuel Lopez Cotilla 1025 Col. Del Valle, Benito Juárez. You can give this address upon arrival at customs and migration.
  4. Contact people:
    • Leo Abundez +52 9981097718
    • Lupita Alvarez +52 9988420717
    • Tony Villa (resident) +52 5554342564
    • Any questions upon arrival about the trip please write to Leo at leobundez@gmail.com
  5. We will start the activities Wednesday, October 12th at 8:30 pm with XVI Karmapa Meditation, from there we will have a welcome dinner and then take you to your apartment for the space option or to your host house for the bliss option.
  6. Program (always subject to change, remember you are in Latin America and timetables are flexible).

  1. Your payment registration includes:
    • 7 nights accommodation (bliss or space)
    • Transportation from Buddhist Center to Metepec (Stupa), Xochimilco and Teotihuacan
    • Lectures and meals at the DWB Center in Mexico City
  2. If the bliss option runs out, we will give priority to the friends who are doing most of the 365 tour. Once the registration closes we will put you in contact with your host.
  3. The space option is available for 10 friends (It will be in an apartment very close to de Buddhist Center).
  4. Your registration does not include and you should bring cash and pay on-site for:
    • Entrance fee to Museo Antropología (est. 5 USD)
    • Entrance fee to Castillo Chapultepec (est. 5 USD)
    • Metepec DWBC and Stupa activities (est. 25 USD)
    • Ojo de Agua DWBC lecture and dinner (est.15 USD)
    • Meals outside (7 days) (est. 120 USD)
    • Xochimilco tour (est. 5 USD)
    • Teotihuacán (est. 10 USD)
    • Public transportation (est. 10 USD -if you choose Uber or similar a little bit more)
    • Airport Taxi round trip (est. 40 USD)
  5. Weather – It is the rainy season in Mexico, bring a raincoat and closed shoes, and it gets a little bit chilly at night.
  6. The meeting point for pick up to the city and other tours will be at the DWB Center, we will start at 9:30 am with a XVI Karmapa Meditation and the at 10:00 am we will leave together.
  7. We will have coffee, bread, and fruits at the DWB Center for you to prepare breakfast, it is included in your registration.
  8. For public transportation, there is a multipass card that you can buy at the metro station and it works for metro, Metrobus, and trolleybus. Please watch out for your pockets, and if you are a man be aware that there are women-only wagons and you can get a fine if they find you there.
  9. Mexico City water is not drinkable, please drink only bottled water.
  10. Be aware that street food even if it looks very tasty (it is) may get you sick, avoid raw vegetables and fruits, salsas, and so on. Tipping is a normal custom in Mexico, we suggest 10-15% of the bill.