Frequently Asked Questions


1.- Can I register without paying if I promise to pay at the course?

No, registration is only effective when the course has been paid in full. You can pay via debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, etc.)

2.- How are children accommodated?

Children 4 years old and onwards, by rule, occupy a bed, so please be aware of this when registering. For security reasons, kids cannot stay by themselves in a double room. The best option for families is a 4-person room.

3.- What are the accommodation options?

Plan A: Single or twin bed (bunks) in a room with 4 to 10 beds.

Plan B: Twin bedroom (2 persons), shared bathroom. Meaning you share the bed with someone and you share a bathroom with other rooms.

Plan C: Twin bedroom (2 persons), private bathroom. Meaning you share the bed with someone and the bathroom is private inside the room

For security reasons, children 4 to 17 years old cannot stay in plan B and C rooms.

Families with children 4 years old and onwards should choose Plan A, and they will be accommodated in a 4-person room in order of registry until this occupancy type is filled.

0 to 3-year-old children sleep in their parents’ beds. You can also bring a portable crib.

4.- Is it possible only to attend the lectures without staying nor eating in the hotel?

No, we have rented the full capacity of the hotel and this option will result in a loss. If all the rooms are filled, this option might be made available so as not to leave anyone out.

5.- Is there a special price for babysitters, family members, or people who are not attending the lectures but stay and eat at the hotel?

No, if they stay at the hotel, the price is the same.

6.- Will there be any weekend or single-day prices?

Yes, we are planning to have special tariffs to include Friday to Sunday and Saturday to Sunday lodging plans. These options, prices, and registration opportunities will be opened once the early bird promotions end.

7.- Is it possible to pay cash or through deposit?

No, you can only pay with a credit/debit card, and full payment is mandatory to complete registration.

8.- My payment does not process / I did not receive my payment confirmation email

Some banks and/or cards have tighter security systems. If you have problems with your payment, we recommend that you contact your bank and inform them that you are going to carry out an online transaction on You can also try with a different card.

We recommend using the Chrome browser and registering from a computer instead of a mobile device. Also, use a personal email instead of a company one as companies often have firewalls that block unrecognized emails. We also recommend you check your spam or junk mail folder.

If you did not receive your confirmation email or you still have problems with your registration or payment, please send an email to

9.- I don’t want to share a room. Is there any single room available?

No, there are no individual rooms available. If you want a room to yourself, you will have to pay for the other place that is, you will have to pay two full fares since it is a spot that another person could occupy to attend the course.

If you’re interested in this option, please send an email to before registering and we will help you with the arrangements.

10.- Can I make reservations for the course dates directly with the hotel or through (or the like)?

No, the hotel is fully rented, so all rooms will be blocked. You may find available rooms on booking sites because their inventories are not always updated, but even if your credit/debit card is charged, your reservation will be later canceled. We highly recommend you avoid such unnecessary complications.

11.- Can I make a reservation in the hotel for the days before/after the course?

Yes, and Selina hotel has a special Diamond Way group price. Please write to with the subject DIAMOND WAY for info, pricing, and reservations.