General Information


Single Sessions

If you are not attending the whole course, you can come for just one session. 

Single sessions are availabe at 800 pesos per person, per session.



We will serve three meals per day and these are all included in the price of the course. We provide all plates, cups, and utensils, so there is no need to bring your own.

There will be two kinds of meals: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.


Job Center

The entire course is organized and run by the joyful work of a full-time volunteer team, supported by helpers throughout the day. If you have the ability to donate a few hours of your time and become part of this great team effort, get in touch with the friendly folks at the Job Center.

If you’d like to help with the set-up or pack-down of the course, please mention it in your registration.


Kids Club

While the children can explore, learn, and have fun, in an effort to ensure we all enjoy the teachings, a calendar of activities with a supervisor will be organized. This will allow parents to help us care for future Buddhas.

The Kids Club will be available during lectures for children 3 years and older.

All minors’ parents are required to comply with their legally prescribed supervision duties the whole time.


Medical Service

The doctor on site only offers first-aid and emergency medical attention, without exception. In cases of non-urgent sickness or injuries, you will have to go to Cancun city (downtown) to see a doctor.

Be sure to have valid and current health insurance, and to bring any medicines you may need. If your health insurance is not valid in Mexico, you will have to pay for your treatment and medication.



The entire course will be given in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish by digital equipment that you will be able to rent at the site; nevertheless, we recommend you bring your own set of headphones.


Remember to bring:

• Sunscreen

• Beach clothing

• Mosquitos repellent

• Thermo for beverages in the gompa

• Meditation cushion


Staying in Cancun before and after the course

*Important: The Buddhist Center will be closed for sleeping*

For lodgings, you can use services such as Airbnb.

You can also book your accommodation at Selina Lagoon Cancun. We have a special Diamond Way group price.

Go to

-Select dates (if you are staying before the 14th and after 17, you have to do 2 different reservations);

-Select room type;

-Use promotion code: DIAMONDWAY;

-Pay 15% in advance with PayPal.


Exchange Rate:

Dollars to Pesos: HERE

Euros to Pesos: HERE